Sapphire roulette

Sapphire Roulette – A Microgaming Provider

If you have ever played the popular European roulette, you’ve probably heard of the game Sapphire Roulette. While it is a classic version of the game, the creators of this online version took its base theme and added a cerulean flair. In addition to the standard roulette options, Sapphire Roulette features a special Auto Play function that enables players to set the number of spins they’d like to be automatically triggered. Another option available is Double Play, which allows players to double their bets with just one click.

The main differences between traditional European roulette and the popular game Sapphire Roulette are the rules. The first one is that there are 37 slots, while the second one has a 0 in the middle. In addition to the traditional called bets, Sapphire Roulette also offers Neighbor bets, which allow players to bet on numbers on both sides of the number they’ve bet. The latter is equivalent to betting on five consecutive numbers, but with a higher stake.

Players who enjoy the classic layout of the European roulette game will enjoy Sapphire Roulette. Its European layout appeals to both traditional and online gamblers alike. The graphics and sound effects are top-notch. The table features ample artificial lighting, and all the elements are evenly spaced. The buttons are painted in bright colors to help players spot them. This game features a roulette wheel with a rich blue background. The sound effects are equally attractive. It is easy to pick up the game’s rules and the game plays smoothly.