Marilyn monroe


In the world of internet casino games, Marilyn Monroe is a name that conjures up images of corrupt politicians and criminals – but is this the case? Or, is she an actual online casino game, with players risking real money to try and win a prize for their bets? Well, depending on how you look at it, Marilyn Monroe can be either a virtual character or an actual live gambling game for those who like to play online casino games with virtual characters. For those of you keeping score at home, it’s been estimated that Marilyn Monroe’s image has been used 5 million times over on webpages and other online sources, and many people (including some in the media) have claimed that this is true.

In the world of free games on the internet, the “Marilyn Monroe” slot machine is probably one of the most popular ones out there, and this is partly due to her popularity as a star in movies such as Marilyn Monroe and Casino. Set Up Coins, a real time casino game that allows players to use real money to play, actually has Marilyn Monroe as one of its featured stars. In the game itself, Marilyn Monroe can be seen standing on the spot opposite a podium, with a red and black striped chair right behind her. Players need to click on the podium’s lever and rotate it around to reveal the treasure. If the player wins a jackpot, they get to keep it, and if they lose the same amount of money, they lose it all. At first glance, Marilyn Monroe seems like any other 1950s-themed free online slot game: the graphics are that of a magazine cover, and she is actually just a standard black haired girl wearing sunglasses and a simple white tank top.

As you can see, while Marilyn Monroe may be a popular name today, she was just the name years ago…and as long as traditional slots and video poker games on the internet continue to exist, you’ll never see too many versions of her. You may wish to start your search for free Marilyn Monroe slots right here on our site, as we have an extensive list of bonus offers that you can get along with your deposit. Happy playing!