Lucky little gods

Microgaming certainly knows their way around the west. From the brilliant Six Acrobats online slot game to bringing ancient mythology to life on the 108 Heroes mobile game, they definitely know how to bring these eastern flavours to life on mobile platforms. So when you finally open up your favorite mobile slot Lucky Little Gods, you simply have to hit the button to get hit with all that cute, enchanting Japanese cuteness, it’s hard not to enjoy. It definitely opens up a world of fun for you and your friends.

The game revolves around four godly individuals who are gifted with special powers by the goddesses. The players control their characters by plucking various symbols from a wheel which spins and results in one of many gods being spawned into the game. When that happens, the players can choose which god will best represent them by placing icons on the bottom of their slot machines. The players are then rewarded with a jackpot the size of the icons, when all the icons are spinning.

Each of the four gods has a variety of reels where they can play and collect coins, which represents points in their favor. The game is played over four levels, and each level gets progressively more difficult as the time progresses. You may notice that the reels change locations, thus moving the wheel to a new location or vice versa, but this only differs by a simple move or two. The controls at the top of the screen let you re-size the icons, zoom, switch between viewing the entire reel, or view a specific icon. The user friendly interface may be a little less intuitive than some of the other slot games, but the mechanics are quite sound and allow you to have hours of fun with this addictive game.