Hi-lo premium


Hi-Lo Premium is an easy casino game simply based on the luck of the single cards drawn from a twelve-card deck. There are many possible bets, ranging from two for whether the second card will be greater or lower than the first one to double your bet and triple your bet. Your highest bet always wins, so if you think there is a good possibility that your second card will be lower than your first one, then you should play Hi-Lo with a smaller bet. You can do this even when your first card is better than the other. There is no house advantage in Hi-Lo Premium so it is a game in which you do not have to count cards or make complicated calculations.

This is a variation of the classic game named Caribbean Stud. The name refers to the arrangement of the cards (three of a kind, in stud poker it means three of an ace) used in the game. As in Caribbean Stud, all players get to act as if they have an ace in their hands. But in this version of the game there is one additional rule: the player with the highest hand at the end of the game wins.

At first glance, the betting system appears simple and the odds may look good. After all, aces are more common than kings or queens, and it seems that the casino will usually give people with an ace a cut (Hi-Lo Premium). But there are several subtle tricks involved, such as the way that the odds are arranged (you can imagine that the casino will try to arrange them in a way that offers them the best odds). And although there are people who say that it is impossible to bluff in a game of hi-lo premium, it is worth remembering that there are some things which are clearly visible to anyone looking at the cards.