Gemtastic is a slot machine that is relatively new on the internet. There are many similarities to the newer video slot games such as pay line and bonus rounds. Although not as popular as video slot machines like Video Poker or slot games such as Badugi this is one machine that is guaranteed to give you good returns. One of the best things about this slot machine is that it has a large variety of different gem types to choose from. In this article I will explain the basics of this slot machine and why it is a popular choice among slot players.

The design of Gemtastic is very unique and unlike other online slots it uses a jigsaw style slot board which makes it very easy to learn. Every jackpot pays out exactly the same amount, so once again the simplicity of this slot machine makes it a favorite with beginners. Every symbol on the slot’s board represents a specific gem that can be won, the colors of these gems are green, red, blue, and purple. At the lower end of the spectrum you will find small blue gems that pay out three points, these are the easiest to beat. At the higher ends of the spectrum you will see orange, pink, and yellow gems that pay out 18.

There are a number of different bonus features on gymnastic including “peak hour” which is an hour long slot game play period that runs twenty-four hours a day. During this time you will only ever have to play this bonus feature one time to gain double the amount of coins. Another feature of this slot machine is the “game reset” button, if you manually reset the game you will lose all of your earned coins and your progress will be reset. This is great for people who like to try different slots games. You don’t want to lose all of the progress you’ve made in a certain game because you didn’t think it was profitable enough. Finally, as part of a promotion for the release of gymnastic 3.0 a promotional code can be entered in to get free spins on the machine.

All of the bonus features and the “game reset” button are great and it’s the payout of course that really makes this machine a winner. The payout rates on Gemtastic slots are through the roof, it’s one of the best live slots out there. On a range of twenty to seventy-five paylines a single game run can pay out thousands of dollars. It’s possible to walk away with millions from just playing a single game. The best part of all of this is that winning here doesn’t require any real skill, and is pretty much based on luck.

In addition to the huge payout you also get a ton of variety with Gemtastic. The game has spinners that cover every slot imaginable, there are multiple game packs to choose from that include popular slots games like solitaire and craps. Some of the other slot games offered at the online slots include bingo, slots, video poker, keno and lotteries. These all have their own spinoffs and versions to play as well.

What makes Gemtastic stand out is how much variety there is to play. Whether you want to play a single game or want to try the entire slot reel package you are sure to find something that you will enjoy. The best part of all is that each game comes with reels to practice on and if you decide to bet you have the opportunity to win real money off of the bets you have placed. Overall it would be hard to beat the price of any of the online slots available to play today, and when you add in the added bonus of a free Spinach promo code you are looking at an awesome opportunity.