Play the Age of Asgard slot to get yourself into this cool online casino game. This fun slot offers players the opportunity to be part of the ultimate race against the destructive forces of the Megaspell and the dark energy of the Degenerate Worms. The two halves of reels merge in a free spinning rework around the screen to earn extra winnings as you clash other wild symbols against even more wild symbols. A real fun game to play, but be ready for some heavy action on your computer screens!

With the original artwork by Mike Dillard, players who win the jackpot will see their names immortalized on the back of the Asgard artwork. These are not all that common, however, there are some cool designs available if you want them, and players can purchase additional pieces of the artwork to add to their existing collection of the original art on the box. With the original design by Mike Dillard, players have an excellent chance of hitting payouts with relative ease, and thus the game is considered a strong buy for slot players with solid experience.

As far as payout types go, there isn’t much to say on that front. There are a few jackpots worth thousands of dollars on the smaller greens, but the jackpots get larger as you stack higher value symbols on top of each other. Players that have gotten their fair share of experience points and high-end symbols can certainly look forward to the better payouts in the bigger pots, but it’s really just a matter of luck on the smaller greens. That being said, it doesn’t take very long at all to accumulate enough High-VP or High-Residue symbols onto the reels to allow you to cash out and walk away a big winner. That’s what the game is all about, and it makes for an exciting slot play!